Filing for Auto
Accidents and
Personal Injury Cases

Yes. If you are injured in an auto accident and seek total compensation for your injuries, suing the at-fault driver is one way.

Michigan allows individuals to sue for two types of damages caused:

  • Damages caused by pain and suffering
  • Economic loss damages, including certain out-of-pocket expenses not paid for by PIP

Step 1: Seek medical attention right away
Injuries are not always what they seem. However, if severe damage is left undiagnosed, it can lead to chronic, critical, and even fatal health conditions over time.

Step 2: Keep track of and log everything
It is crucial to notate every detail that might be used as evidence to support your claim in court. One of the most significant pieces of evidence is your doctor visits:

  • Any trips to the doctor's office or emergency room visits
  • Any out of pocket expenses accrued
  • Any assigned treatments or medications provided

Step 3: Notify your insurance company
Once an accident occurs, it is always good to contact your insurance company and update them on the accident. The best way to prepare and protect yourself is to establish a thorough report with the following:

  • Specific details such as the date, time, location, and weather of when the accident occurred
  • Our lawyer may check the pictures of the surrounding area, the automobiles involved in the accident, and different angles for a clearer perspective.

Additionally, it would help if you never communicated with the opposing party's insurance company or signed any documents without first seeking representation for yourself.

Step 4: Seek Representation
Auto accidents can negatively impact a person's future. That's why the attorneys at Michigan Injury Law Group are here for you 24/7 to fight for your rights. You deserve a firm that will go the extra mile for you.

Michigan car accident lawyers are trained professionals who help guide individuals through the red tapes associated with legal protocol when challenging situations to arise. For example, before an individual can qualify for coverage from an insurance company, specific guidelines, timelines, and deadlines must be met, filed, and approved before a claim can take effect. Individuals risk losing future settlement offers by not following the required protocol or missing mandatory deadlines. A car accident lawyer points clients in the right direction and ensures that they get the best results possible.

Today, with so many different auto accidents occurring per year, it's hard to classify an injury as "common." However, over the years, some injuries have occurred more than others; This includes:

  • Back & Disc Injury- Back injuries are one of the toughest injuries to diagnose and treat. The backbone comprises 33 bones and tissue that extends from the skull to the pelvis. These bones protect the spinal cord. The spinal column is made up of 24 vertebrae. An injury to one vertebra can sometimes lead to excruciating pain to the point where it is impossible to carry out daily activities, work, and even enjoy a good night's rest. Examples of spinal injuries include strains, sprains, spasms, bulging, herniated, ruptured or slipped vertebral discs, vertebral fractures, spinal cord injuries, and nerve damage. Specific disk injuries can impact nerve roots or the spinal cord, causing weakness, numbness, problems with bowels, bladder, sexual function, or sharp pain in the arms or legs. Treatment can be very costly and require time away from work, leaving financially strained individuals.
  • Internal Organs- The long-term effects of internal organ injuries can be dangerous because there are no apparent signs of damage following an accident. It is not uncommon for an internal organ injury to appear days, weeks, or months after an accident. Examples of internal organ injuries include:
    • Blunt Force Trauma Injuries: Caused by the body suffering from the impact of a collision, such as a car accident or Slip & Fall.
    • Deceleration Trauma Injuries: Caused by impact injuries suffered from motor vehicles that come to a sudden stop. Generally, these stops can lead organs to shift violently inside the body, ripping blood vessels and causing internal bleeding.
    • Penetrating Trauma Injuries: Caused by an object tearing through the body in an accident.
    • Traumatic Brain Injury- TBI is an injury that requires close attention. When head injuries lead to brain damage, it can result in abnormal conditions like seizures, severe headaches, extreme dizziness, decreased concentration, poor memory function, anxiety, and depression. TBI is most commonly caused by accidents involving side impact.
    • Whiplash is one of the most common injuries caused by auto accidents. Whether an individual is involved in a head-on collision, hit and run, fender bender, or another type of accident, they should be checked for whiplash. As a person accelerates forward and is forced to make a sudden stop, the head can lag and snap forward and backward like a whip, causing muscles and other ligaments to stretch and tear. Whiplash can lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain, sudden weakness, dizziness, fatigue, visual disturbances, and even ringing in the ears.

When our clients reach out to us after they've been involved in an auto accident, there are several things we do to alleviate the pain. First, we provide peace of mind; This is one of the biggest challenges when dealing with victims involved in auto accidents because the effects of an accident can lead to a lifetime of trauma. We guide you in the right direction. Additionally, unlike many attorneys who charge unnecessary fees, at Michigan Injury Law, we don't charge you a single dime until your case has been won. Our attorneys will go above and beyond to not only fight for you but to also recover any necessary medical expenses, lost wages, or damages caused from pain and suffering

Many factors go into calculating a Michigan car accident settlement.

Fault for the Accident
In many rear-end collision cases, the fault or negligence of a driver can be hard to pinpoint. That's why, if possible, it is essential to take pictures, record details, utilize eyewitnesses, and call the police to report and investigate the accident to determine the cause of the accident and identify the negligent driver.

Insurance Coverage
Insurance coverage can vary because there are many levels and riders that individuals can add to their policies. The liability insurance coverage available is the primary factor when determining a settlement amount. An individual can be both over-insured and under-insured, affecting the total settlement amount. Insurance companies never pay out more than they have to, so we highly recommend contacting one of our attorneys to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

Injuries & Damages
According to Michigan Law, when a person is injured as the result of an auto accident, they are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, long-term psychological injuries like PTSD, any disfigurements or disabilities, inability to work which may result in loss of wages, bystander claims, and even death. Settlement is determined by the type and severity of the injury.

Other Settlement
Other settlement offers are dependent on the location of the accident. There are notorious counties in Michigan known for their high jury awards instead of those with low settlement offers. Be sure to detail location because it can make a significant difference in your settlement amount.

No. You do not need a lawyer to settle your auto accident claim, but you should consider using one. Filing a claim is a highly complex process, and unfortunately, certain parties can delay this process by withholding the paperwork and policies needed to proceed. You may not understand the total value of your case, there may be potential liens held against you, and you could jeopardize losing your no-fault insurance benefits by signing a Release when you settle your liability claim. There are so many factors to consider when representing yourself, and we strongly encourage you to seek help from a professional attorney who can guide you in the right direction.

An accident settlement is determined by several factors, including the seriousness and type of the injury inflicted on the injured person. Is the person on life support? Is the person disabled? Does the person require medical treatment? Did the person experience any lost wages as a result of the accident? Did the person have insurance at the time of the accident? These are all factors used to settle.

Calculating the worth of a Personal Injury case varies greatly. Before a value can be added to the charges of your case, several factors must be taken into consideration. Such factors are the initial cause of the accident, the location and commonality of where the accident occurred, the severity of the injuries inflicted, any contributions made, and other essential elements of the case. The best way to get value for the worth of your case is to contact a legal professional.

In a perfect world, pain or suffering would never happen, and in reality, we experience it every day. When individuals suffer from injuries, they have the right under Michigan law to be "Made Whole Again" from the losses suffered from the injury. Unfortunately, because Michigan laws are so complex, it is highly recommended that you first consult with an attorney before seeking compensation.